Breathe Easy with a Transparent Face Mask

Let others see your face and hear your voice clearly while you simultaneously kill germs and deactivate viruses. Self sanitizing with silver and rechargeable 100 times means 29 cents per use.

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Transparent Face Mask - this or that?

Electrostatic Transparent Silver Ion Face Mask

Each mask can be recharged up to 100 times (instructions on label).

Silver ions disables viruses and kills bacteria (viruses are not alive)

Note: We are not making any claims for diagnosis, treat, or prevent of any human ailment including the current COVID-19 issue. The use of silver in our masks is designed to sanitize the masks.


Order 10 or more, receive 50% discount automatically off your total order!

The Silver Ion Face Mask is designed to help provide respiratory protection for the wearer. This face mask is embedded with multiple use, re-sanitizable silver ions. The silver provides a barrier which inhibits the growth of bacteria in the mask.

The silver ions embedded in the mask are microscopic and permanently embedded into the fabric. These ions are electrostatically charged, attracting virus and bacteria droplets as air passes nearby.

Transparent Face Mask - Adult

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Transparent Face Mask - Child

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